We offer battery test, starter test, alternator test and more in minutes.

Battery Pro Maitland

Get your battery checked for free

It is best practice to have your car, truck or motorcycle battery checked at least twice a year, and especially before embarking on a long journey. Trust Battery Pro Maitland to conduct a thorough test, at no cost. The comprehensive test includes:

  • Battery test

  • Starter test

  • Alternator test

  • Terminal rebuild

  • Battery charging

We will never replace a battery unless absolutely necessary and will give you honest and trusted advice that’s in your best interest.

Great service and valuable advice freely offered. Thank you Johan.

Mike Lovell

Team assisted me with a car battery replacement. They were quick and helpful. They dispose of old batteries.

Chantal Hauptfleisch

Excellent service. Clarence did not try to sell me a new battery. Tightened the battery poles and I was ready to go.

Patricia Lenaghan